Sad: Nollywood actress murdered in Ikorodu traffic

Nollywood actress, broadcaster and TV host, Aisha Alli-Balogun was shot dead on friday, December 16 on her way home around Asolo Majidun, Ikorodu expressway. Aisha was also the presenter of the comedy show Stand-Up Nigeria.According to eye witness report, the robbers wanted to kidnap Aisha and her daughter and it was while she was struggling to save her daughter that she was hit by the bullet.

The now late Aisha was one of the contestants at the Next Movie Star reality show in 2011 where Tamara Eteimo was crowned winner.

Sad enough, Aisha’s daughter Fareeda was kidnapped by the robbers and her wherabout remain unknown as at press time.

The beautiful presenter was married to Ajibola Yussuf Abiose with whom she had two kids, a boy and a girl.



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