Kanye West blackmailed over sextape

Earlier this year, Kanye released a song titled “Real Friends” and little did we know the reason. In the song he somehow gave us a hint that he was once blackmailed over a sextape. He sang,

“I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was f–kin’ bitches on. Paid that n—a 250 thousand just to get it from him. Real friends…Huh?”

According to his cousin, Lawrence Franklin, the laptop was Kanye’s back in 2011 and contained a sextape of Yeezy and a fair-skinned unidentified African-American woman. He says it was this turn of events that caused Kanye to become distrustful of those in his inner circle.

“the sex tape episode started his decline – he stopped trusting people. This did make Kanye upset… It caused a huge rift in our family,”. he said.

That is why they say, ‘careful who you trust’. We do hope he can take care of it before it hits the media, because sincerely, he’s been through a lot lately. 


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