Here’s a photo of the “warrant of arrest” issued on Wizkid in Uganda

Nigerian pop superstar Wizkid has been declared wanted by the Ugandan government for a host of reasons. 

Apparently he was paid to make an appearance at an event in the said country, but he didn’t show up, leading to the issue of the warrant.

Here’s a picture of the warrant:

While there’s every possibility that this may be true given the artist’s current state of health which has made his doctors advise him to ditch all shows he ought to perform in from November 2016 till the new year, it’s also really possible that the organizers have fallen prey of impersonation.

A case of an impostor collecting money in Wizkid’s name and then going off the grid has happened time and again, the latest of which a girl got caught while collecting money on behalf of Wizkid so he could perform at a show. 

We do hope this is just another minor case, because as wizzy’s health hasn’t been on his side lately, he doesn’t need the additional stress. 


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