Meet Kenneth Okwor, a 24-Year-Old 1st Class Law Graduate Who Is Already A Lecturer At The Law School

Kenneth Okwor, a 2nd class law graduate from University of Jos bagged 1st class from the Nigerian Law School. He also made distinctions in Commercial Law, International Law and the Law of Evidence at University of Jos. At 24, he is already a lecturer at law school.

Okwor Kenneth Dominic changed history at the Nigeria law school Nigerian Law School, after he was named the winner of ten prestigious awards.

Previous records include that of Mavis Abada who won 7 awards at the october 2013 call to bar ceremony. Fatima Bombom Sani broke that record by bagging nine separate awards at the october 2015 Call to Bar of the Nigerian Law School. 

No sooner than two months after at the December 2015 call to bar ceremony, a gentlemen, named Okwor Dominic, changed this record by seizing ten awards all to himself.

The awards include: the “Best Student of the Year (1st Prize)’’ given by 3 donors, ‘’Council of Education Star”, “price for 1st tclass students”, “Corporate Law Practice given by 2 donors,”property law practice award” and “Best Overall male Student of the Year Award”. The newly introduced Best Overall Male Students Prizes donated by NBA won by Okwor Dominic made the awards come to a total number of 10 awards.

He is only 24 but already a Templars Law Firm Associate and an Adjunct Lecturer of Corporate Law and Practice at the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus. He is one of the nominees for ‘The Future Prize For Professional Service.


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