Mark Zuckerberg adds another Nigerian language to Facebook 

Billionaire Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, September 30 added Hausa language; Fula and two others, Maltese and Corsican to Facebook, making the social media platform become available in 100 languages.

Zuckerberg announced this just as he expressed optimism that the addition has halted the extinction of some of the languages.

Facebook is now available in more than 100 languages — with more than one billion people using a language other than English! Today we added Fula, Maltese and Corsican.

Our community makes this possible. Over the last decade, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have worked together to find the right translations for words and phrases in the Facebook interface. Because the idea of a “Like” in English may mean something different in Arabic or Japanese.

On the reasons for the added languages, he said:

For people to share what matters to them and see what matters to the people they care about, they need services available in a language they know. Some of the languages we’ve added don’t have meaningful presence on the internet.

Others, like Corsican, are in danger of disappearing altogether, according to UNESCO.

So thanks to everyone in our community for helping us hit this milestone of 100 languages! We’ll keep working to open up our community to everyone – no matter where they live or what language they speak.


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