Skin Care: Five Habits That Can Give You Wrinkles

Eventually, we will all age and get wrinkles, but do you know that no all wrinkles are caused by skin aging itself?

Here are five habits that can play a role in how you wrinkle:

1. Squinting in the sun because you are not using your sunglasses will cause a furrow between your brow and crow’s feet. 

2. Taking drags on cigarettes for years causes smoker’s lines around the mouth. Smoking itself has been linked to an increase in facial wrinkles too.

3. If you are a woman, sleeping on your side can create more wrinkling between your breasts over the years. 

4. Not using a good moisturizer and not exfoliating will cause “crinkles” to your skin’s appearance, but true wrinkles are much deeper.

Crinkles reverse when you use a good moisturizer and exfoliate excess dead cells off your skin’s surface to give it a shiny and hydrated glow. 

5. Over time, repeated dominant facial expressions pulled by facial muscles will cause wrinkles – let them be smile lines and not frown lines because they are inevitable as we age.


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